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Vision & Values

At Chase Side, we want to ensure all children are given every opportunity to thrive throughout their time with us.  We see everyone as a learner for life and we hope none of us will ever lose the enthusiasm and excitement that learning provides. This is clearly encompassed in our vision for the school and its community.

Chaseside’s Vision:

  • Skills for life
  • United community partnerships
  • Care and respect
  • Creativity
  • Everybody welcomed
  • Exciting opportunities
  • Determined learners!

Succeed and discover your dreams!

Linked to this, are our clear and agreed values and ethos.  Everyone who is part of or who visits our learning community is asked to adhere to our values and ethos.


Our ethos encompasses being welcominginclusivefriendly and caring and ensuring that team work underpins everything we do.

The shared values of our school include being respectful, demonstrating integrity, perseverance and adaptability at all times.

Everyone has the right to expect and benefit from this ethos and these values demonstrated in all aspects of school life.