At Chase Side Primary we offer the children a range of clubs both during lunchtimes and after school.


We offer a balance of low cost clubs provided by staff and also paid clubs run by external services.


If a school provided club is over subscribed then the number of sessions will be equally split between the year groups or classes invited to join the club.


If you want your child to join one of the school provided clubs you will need to use the links below  to complete an online form, this link will be active for a clearly defined period of time and you will be contacted once the deadline has passed.


Access to school provided clubs will be offered on a termly basis so that as many children as possible can access the opportunities available. All children have to reapply on a termly basis.


There are no school provided clubs in the first or last week of a term.


Initial details of any externally provided club will sent to you by the school but any further communication will be directly with the provider.


Autumn 2023


We are making changes to the way we organise school run clubs this year. The clubs are always oversubscribed which means to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to try the club we often have to split the group into two sections, which can get confusing for you but is also frustrating when children do not turn up, meaning that we could have kept the club as one group from the beginning.


Therefore, there will be a charge of £1 per week for each club paid before the club starts, any family receiving FSM will receive the club free of charge but will have a penalty fine of £2 for each club session their child does not attend.


We provide a range of clubs to enhance the children’s opportunities, please speak to your children before you book a space (having a child in a club that does not want to be there is demotivating for the person running the club and the other children, especially if it is a competitive club and will be no fun for your child). Clubs are added extras not free child care.


Please use the link below to book the club before Friday 8th September 9am after which you will be sent a text offering you a place and you have 3 days to pay for the club before your child starts, if we do not get enough payments within the time frame places will be withdrawn and more sessions offered to the children who have paid on parent pay within the time frame.


Year 6 children who have taken the ‘Road Safety Test’ will be allowed to walk home alone from a club until October 20th and from February 19th, during the Winter period in-between the expectation is that an adult will collect them from the club. We cannot always guarantee that your child will be home promptly after a club as on occasion clubs do run late.


In the Autumn the school will be offering the following clubs: 

Places in these clubs can be booked using the links below:

These forms will close on Friday 8th September 2023 at 9am, families will be contacted about the club on Monday 11th September 2023. Late applications will not be accepted and you can only apply using this form.

Home Learning Club

Year 3 to 6

Gardening Club

Year 3 / 4

Year 5/6 Rugby

Year 5 / 6

Year 5/6 Girls Football

Year 5 / 6

Year 5/6 Boys Football

Year 5 / 6

Coding Club

Year 3

Year 5/6 Mixed Netball

Year 5 / 6

Year 4 Multi Sports

Year 4





In the Autumn we will have external services offering the following paid for clubs after school (these are run by external agencies and subject to change)

Art Club

Year 1 to 6

Cooking Club

Year 1 to 6

Albanian Club

Year 1 to 6

Spanish Club

Year 1 to 6