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External Training for Parents

On this page we will be advertising any external training for parents that we have been given the details of.


Embracing Family Lives gives parents and carers an opportunity to share experiences and gain confidence in their abilities to meet the on-going challenges of parenting in an ever-changing community.

Advice, information, strategies, and resources will be shared over 6 weeks with the view of you feeling more equipped, confident and inspired to support your child/young person as they develop and grow.

Topics which can/will be covered:

*What makes a good parent?

*Barriers that prevent good parenting

*Sex and relationship education (social media, puberty, consent)  

*Gang awareness

*Changes to your teenager’s behaviour – possible causes

*Responsibilities of a parent

*Emotional and mental wellbeing of the child


*Role modelling of behaviour

*Domestic abuse

*Parental mental health

*Substance misuse

*Local sources of support

* Other subjects can be discussed as requested.

This course can be accessed online or we have have limited numbers at school.

The form below can be used to register interest in the course and let us know whether you would prefer to access online or in person.

The deadline for this form is Friday 10th September at 9am, late application will not be accepted and you can only apply the link below.