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If you require a paper copy of any of these policies please contact the School Office on 020 8363 1120 or by e-mailing


Accessibility Policy and Plan, April 2019

Anti Bullying Policy, July 2019

Art and Design Policy, May 2020

Assessment Policy, January 2021

Behaviour Policy, March 2018

Breakfast and After School Club Policy, October 2020

Calculation Policy, January 2021

CCTV Policy, July 2020

Charging and Remissions Policy October 2020

Child Protection Policy, February 2021

Complaints Procedure for Maintained Schools,  May 2021


Handling complaints during the coronavirus (COVID-19 outbreak)

In line with government guidance the school is not expect to handle new or existing complaints while we are closed. The school will still engage with parents and pupils where we can, however complaints can be considered once the government confirms schools can safely reopen.

As requested by the DfE, please could we ask that you Contact your local council or call the police on 101 if you’re told a child is at risk.

Complainants can contact DfE for more information about school complaints if they wish.


Confirmation of Safeguarding Checks on Staff and Workers, August 2018

COVID-19 School Closure Arrangements for Safeguarding and Child Protection at Chase Side Primary School, April 2020

Debt Recovery Policy October 2020

Drugs Education and Substance Misuse Policy, January 2021

Education of Looked After Children Policy, May 2020

Educational Visits Policy, May 2020

Equality Policy, July 2020

E-safety Policy, April 2019

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy, May 2020

Geography Policy, April 2019

History Policy, April 2019

Home Learning Policy, April 2019

Inclusion Policy, May 2020

Learning and Teaching Policy, March 2021

Lettings Policy, January 2021

Marking and Feedback Policy, July 2019

Modern Foreign Language Policy, May 2020 

More Able Pupils Policy, July 2019

Music Policy, July 2020

Parent Partnership Policy, May 2020

PE Policy, April 2019

PSHE Policy, January 2021

RE Policy, April 2019 

Relationships and Sex Education Policy (currently under review by parents)

Safeguarding Children Policy , February 2021

Safeguarding and Child Protection Update in Respect of Covid, February 2021

School Meals Debt Policy for Parents, October 2020

Science Policy, July 2019 

Severe Weather Policy, May 2020

Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs Policy, December 2019

Teaching of Computing Policy, December 2019

Travelling to and from School and Clubs Unaccompanied Policy, May 2020

Visitor Behaviour Policy, January 2021

Voluntary Partnership Agreement between Home and School, May 2020

Volunteer Helpers in School Policy, May 2020