Core Curriculum Drivers

We know that our children will enter a diverse and challenging world of work where they are going to need to demonstrate a unique set of life skills and be prepared for lifelong learning. Our curriculum is designed to help them to achieve this.

Our starting point is the National Curriculum; however we have tailored this using our three core drivers to meet the needs of the children at our school. To see how this works in each subject please see our individual Intent documents.

Our three core curriculum drivers are.

  • Well-being: For all children to value themselves.
  • Future: For all children to develop the skills and habits of lifelong learners.
  • World: For all children to embrace diversity, express themselves clearly and have a positive impact on society.

Well-being: We value and respect all our children and celebrate diversity in our school. The children’s mental, emotional and physical well-being are paramount. Planning to deliver this area of the curriculum will include different approaches depending on the needs of the class and will be designed to support a whole-school approach to promoting good social, emotional and behavioural skills and attitudes.


Future: We expect every learner to reach their potential and where possible achieve at least national age-related expectations (ARE) in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Our School Development Plan identifies the priority focus areas for improvement based upon evidence gathered including data analysis.

We believe that successful learning happens when children are inspired. The best way to tackle poverty of aspiration is to equip children to make the most of opportunities presented to them. The futures curriculum aims to make children aware of the opportunities available and we aim to support them in finding their way to ensure that no door is closed to them.


World: We believe that it is beneficial to nurture and instil a love of the unique world around us. Children will learn their place and value in our school in the local area and the world beyond. This includes any learning undertaken through guest speakers and external experiences.


For more information related to specific subjects please see each individual subject curriculum intent documents, for more information for your child please see each half term curriculum map.