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Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is managed, organised and run by staff from the school.


It provides children from Reception to Year 6 with a healthy breakfast and a range of activities. It runs from 7.45am – 8.45am (start of school day).


At the moment due to Covid restrictions the children can only enter breakfast club between 7.45 – 7.55am as this is when the school gate is supervised. Once inside breakfast club the children are seated in their class or year group bubbles to reduce cross contamination.


The cost is £2.50 per session, a range of healthy breakfasts are provided.


If you would like a place you must write to the office stating which days you would like and the office will contact you once a place becomes available.


Payment must be made in at least one week in advance through Parent Pay, your place maybe withdrawn if this does not occur. Once your child begins you will be charged for the days you have requested whether your child attends or not.


Normally adults must accompany children and pass them over to breakfast club staff ensuring they have been signed in, but under current restrictions children are being handed over at the gate.