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Behaviour – We are a Rights Respecting School

Code of Behaviour


At Chase Side Primary School we promote a positive and inclusive approach to managing behaviour. We believe that through the use of a range of behaviour management strategies children are encouraged and enabled to demonstrate positive behaviour in all aspects of school life. Through this positive approach, we aim to pre-empt inappropriate behaviour thus enabling us to focus on helping children to develop high quality behaviour for learning.

We believe strongly in the importance of promoting and praising appropriate behaviour. We put great emphasis on the importance of interacting with others in respectful ways through speech, actions and relationships. We aim to provide care and support for our children which assists them in learning how to manage their behaviour appropriately.

As a Rights Respecting School, we want children to understand that they are responsible for the choices they make and any possible consequences that may arise from these.


We currently hold UNICEF’s Rights Respecting School Accreditation (Level 1).


We ensure that the children understand that everyone has rights and responsibilities. Children have the right to be safe, treated politely and to learn without disruption. Children have the responsibility to care for themselves, other people and their school.

We expect all adults and children to treat each other with courtesy and consideration, by treating others as we wish to be treated ourselves. We talk and listen to one another in order to understand and respect each other. We value, take pride in and care for the school by looking after school property and equipment.

As a school, we have introduced Conflict Resolution which supports children to reflect on their actions, the impact on others and how conflicts can be resolved successful both now and for the future.

Our behaviour team which includes pupil, staff, parent and governor representatives created our whole school rights and responsibilities charter that you can see below and forms part of our “Partnership between Home and School”  agreement.