After School Club

Our After School Club is run by an outside agency.

Name of Club:                         AFTERHOURS                                                                                   



                                                                 Tel: 07858026473  in use   3. 30pm until 5.30pm.


Location:                    Chase Side Primary School      

Times:                        Monday to Friday (Term times);   3. 30pm until 5.30pm.

Children remain supervised by school staff until they are collected from the playground at     3.30pm

Services: Various indoor and outdoor supervised activities will be organised and sessions of free play.

Note: The club is not registered with Ofsted.

Terms and Conditions


The cost of each daily after school session is £10:00 per child, payable weekly in advance for each of the weekdays booked at commencement of this contract.

Fees may be paid into the bank account number 42401645 sort code 09-06-66                 name T A LODGE or cash or by cheque made payable to ‘After Hours at Chase Side’

Please note:

  • Booked sessions must be paid for, whether or not the child(ren) attends.
  • If any payments are more than two weeks late your child will not be allowed to attend further sessions.

General terms

Operation of ‘After hours at Chase Side’ is subject to suitable premises being made available by Chase Side Primary School.

Parents/carers must complete fully the admission form and notify the Manager without delay of any changes to the information/emergency contact details provided.

No later than 5.30pm daily, children must be collected promptly by an authorised parent/carer who must also sign the ‘Collection sheet’. Please also note the ‘Late fees’ policy printed on back.


‘After hours’ operates a similar behaviour policy as Chase Side Primary School, (ie; verbal warning followed by yellow and red card system). Details of this system are available for inspection upon request. If bad behaviour persists after a child is issued with a red card this will result in the termination of this contract.

Renewal/Termination of contract

The Contract may be terminated by either party by giving two (term time) weeks notice.

In an extreme case termination of contract could be immediate.