Covid 19 Updates

We will be open to all children from Monday 7th September (with Year 1 to 6 starting on that date and then Reception and Nursery starting at individually set dates).


However, as before, we need to put restrictions in place to ensure the safety of the children, families, staff and wider community. As anyone who took up the offer to return to school before the Summer break knows these were small but significant changes that the children and families quickly adapted to and felt like the new normal. The children will now be in year group bubbles of up to 60 children, so they will be able to meet and play with friends from their partner class.


  • Staggered start and finish times, to reduce the numbers of people on the playground and reduce the amount of cross over between years groups we have set different start, finish, break and lunchtimes for the children. 




To avoid the transfer of documents between home and school, we are not asking parents/carers to sign this agreement, but it needs to be understood that by sending your child back to school, you are confirming your agreement



  • Breakfast and After School Club will encourage the children from the same year group together with a range of activities for them to work on.


  • Clubs organised by school staff will be dedicated to a specific year group, more information will follow and they will start week beginning 21st September.


  • Externally run Clubs that have contacted us will also be dedicated to a specific year group.


  • Everyone will be expected to wear uniform, with the children keeping their PE kit at home and wearing it to school on the two days that they have PE, increasing the frequency of it being washed.


  • Everyday children will be expected to bring in a clearly named water bottle and their packed lunch (if they are no having school dinner). As we are changing some of the timings of the day a fruit based snack will also be encouraged.


  • Reading books will go home but only on a specific day to reduce the amount of possible cross contamination.


  • Nothing else will need to be brought to school, so school bags are not necessary at this point. 


As I update this page I will text families to inform them of any changes.